Add-on Armor

Add-on Armor

Add-on armor can be used to effectively increase the protection level of existing and new vehicles. With composite technology the weight penalty to the vehicle can be reduced, making implementation of high-level protection solutions possible even for light vehicles without loosing mobility.  


Add-on armor systems are customized to meet a specific threat requirement by including different types of materials in the armor solution and considering any existing base armor, such as a steel or aluminium vehicle hull. This renders all armor solutions provided by Composhield unique to the specific application and scenario.


Composhield is dedicated to developing light and durable armor solutions to defeat ballistic and IED threats as faced on the battlefield today.

Add-on Armor military vehicle

Ballistic Protection

Ballistic threats from hand guns, rifles, machine guns etc. is an ever present risk to military vehicles. Protection against different types of weapons and ammunitions is essential to maintain operational freedom in a hostile environment.


Composhield armor solutions can be tailored to meet any ballistic requirement and have been tested and certified independently for a wide range of threats:

  • Protection in accordance with NATO STANAG 4569 Level 1 to 5
  • Blast and fragment resistant

Composhield ballistic armor is covered by patents and has been developed specifically to ensure:

  • High structural integrity and stiffness
  • Superior multi hit capability

Composhield armor solutions can withstand multiple impacts from weapons fire, fragmentation and blast without breaking up and leaving the vehicle unprotected.


Composhield armor solutions are also resistant to high temperature and chemical agent, and have a high degree of wear resistance.

Example of Ballistic protection on vehicle

Composhield armor solution on vehicle

IED Protection

The threat of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) presents the most severe threat to many forces in today's operational areas. IEDs come in many different forms and can subject targets to both heavy blast and severe fragmentation.


In many cases old artillery shells are fitted with new detonators, activated by a cellular phone, and placed next to the road. This constitutes a very high threat to particularly light and medium vehicles that were not designed to meet such requirements.


Composhield armor solutions have been applied specifically to counter IED threats by providing very high structural durability to withstand the blast and superior stopping capabilities to counter fragmentation.


  • Tested to stop fragments with less than 1 meter stand-off
  • Tested to withstand 50+ kg of TNT at less than 3 meter stand-off

Current scenarios also call for protection against explosively formed projectiles (EFPs), which present an even more severe threat today. Composhield armor solutions are tested against such threats and can be tailored to meet any requirement needed.

Example of Artillery shells being used as an IED

Artillery shells used as Improvised Explosive Device